Different qualities of light can affect the need for retouching, depending on situation and variables like exposure and contrast, but there’s no equations. Hard vs soft makes a big difference, but any light can reflect in a shimmering way that can be challenging to predict until everything is set and we see how it all clicks, so to say. 

The images shown here are digital negative vs “photoshop retouch” (45 minutes to 4+ hours), for when only the best will do. I’ll be adding examples soon of a “light retouch”  (5-10 minutes) that appeal to some clients for both their softer look, and lower cost. 

It makes no difference to me which style you prefer, I’m happy to do the work either way. Generally, I wouldn’t recommend mixing and matching styles, and for effeciency it’s best to know before the images get processed. 

Makeups can look different under photography strobes. Not only do the camera and lens combinations show much more resolution than people are used to from using mobile phones as primary cameras so often, but strobes get very, very bright when they fire. If possible, use matte finish makeup or finishing powder which will help reduce your skins reflectivity to the flash strobes. 

I adhere to a “2 week rule” in my retouching. I make every effort to preserve all freckles, beauty marks, and permanent scars while removing any distracting temporary blemishes, scars, or individual stray hairs. I don’t use photoshop liquify tools to reshape you ever.  I also don’t want you to look like an airbrushed cartoon. Every one of us is wonderfully unique, endlessly beautiful, and as perfect as the world will let us be, and I don’t want to change anything about You. I want you to look your best, but your image will undoubtably be you, at our precise moment. 

Now, that said… these aren’t journalism shots. If you have an issue you need a little help with, we’ve all had dry skin winters or summers with a rash or maybe you want your professional image to conceal a medical condition or birthmark from the public to protect your privacy, you might be surprised what can be done in a half hour when you’ve got 20+ years of retouching experience on your side. I need to know prior to shooting however, because everything starts at the shot. 

All photographs are exclusive ©Michael Grauerholz. 

However, all sessions come with a personal use non-commercial print release by default. I want you to have your images and the ability to print them wherever you choose. 

Any prints ordered through me get a full edit to size included. Removing any distractions, toning and primping every last pixel. They’re then cropped and exported at size for optimal sharpness, printed regionally (some products in SE KS, some in MO), shipped to Greywood Photography for a personal inspection. 

Prints will likely NOT match what you see on your screen, especially depending on where and how you view them. The computer display at Greywood Photography is balanced multiple times a month to ensure that the colors on my screen represent what will print, however the difference between backlit shadows and printed shadows can’t really be understated. 

I always recommend ordering a test 8×12″ section printed at 100% magnification prior to ordering any wall art item. I also recommend allowing the lab to make adjustments. Any image may need slight adjustment for any given paper or process. 

When you order through me, I just confirm what you want, then it shows up when the time comes. Again, either way is perfectly fine. 

kaira digital negative close up kaira edited close up
rich melton unedited fitness portriat Portrait of Rich Melton
boy shirt original boys edited shirt
hero shot of panerai clear backed watch cropped original hero shot of panerai clear backed watch cropped
initial shot of black and decker drill overlay of edited final black and decker