Different qualities of light can affect the need for retouching, depending on situation and overall exposure, but it’s not simple. Hard vs soft makes a big difference, but any light can reflect in a shimmering way that can be impossible to predict ahead of time. That part’s the mystery, how exactly will it turn out?  

Digital negatives, included with every session, are processed for exposure, contrast, and improved sharpness, all of which is improved upon when prints are ordered and images get that sweet photoshop shine.

The images shown here are digital negative vs photoshop finished. 

Makeup looks different in photoshoots. Not only do the cameras show much more resolution than people are used to from using mobile phones as primary cameras so often, but I mainly shoot using strobes, and they are very, very bright. It’s best to use matte finishing makeup, and I highly recommend having professional makeup applied prior to your session. 


I try to adhere to a “2 week rule” in my retouching. I make every effort to preserve freckles, beauty marks, and permanent scars while removing any distracting temporary blemishes, scars, or individual stray hairs. I don’t automatically soften wrinkles, and I don’t reshape your face for any reason. I also don’t want you to look like an airbrushed cartoon. Every one of us is wonderfully unique, endlessly beautiful, and as perfect as the world will let us be, and I don’t want to change anything about You.  

Except with headshots, and commercial contracts, I don’t provide edited digital files in high resolution.

In the United States, a photographer possesses the copyright, and all protections it provides, on every image as soon as they take the picture. 

All digital negatives included with sessions come with a personal use print release by default. I want you to have your images and the ability to print them. 

Any prints ordered through me get a full edit to size included. Removing distractions, toning and primping every last pixel to make it perfect for you. 

Every print is cropped, prepared, sent to the printer, and monitored through delivery by me.

kaira digital negative close up kaira edited close up
rich melton unedited fitness portriat Portrait of Rich Melton
boy shirt original boys edited shirt
hero shot of panerai clear backed watch cropped original hero shot of panerai clear backed watch cropped
initial shot of black and decker drill overlay of edited final black and decker